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    Admissions Open

    Science & Commerce


    Admissions shall take place over

    3 lists sequentially.

    1. 1st List - Students Promoted from Buds 'N' Blooms
    2. 2nd List - Students who have siblings attending school
    3. 3rd List - All other Students

  • Admissions List 2024-25

    Std I

    Seats Confirmed - 61/70


    1st List

    Open - 1st Dec 2023

    Closed - 15th Jan 2024

    Status - Closed



    2nd List

    Open - 1st Jan 2024

    Closed - 27th Jan 2024

    Status -Closed


    3rd List

    Open - 1st Jan 2024

    Closed -Till seats available

    Status - Open

  • Ryewood International Junior College​

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    We live in an age where we have a plethora of choices and we are required to take a stand on several issues - conservation of a culture of learning the latest curriculum with apt environment. We live in a time where every decision we make is a conscientious one. Therefore when a student needs to make the most important decision at the crossroad of life when he/she falls into the category where he has to make a decision regarding further studies after the standardized examination of level X, they are in a dilemma.


    RIJC is what you as a parent and an aspiring student are looking for. At RIJC. your child gets the state of kind infrastructure, renowned faculty who guide with utmost care and optimum Academic inputs complementing classroom teaching with latest technology.A spacious ground to relax and rejuvenate making learning enjoyable.


  • Subjects Offered

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    Compulsory Subjects : -

    1. English
    2. Economics
    3. Book keeping & Accounts
    4. Organization of Commerce 
    5. Environmental Education (E.V.S)
    6. Physical Education (P.E)

    Elective Subjects :

    1. Hindi / Information Technology (I.T) 
    2. Maths / Secretarial Practice (S.P)
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    Compulsory Subjects : -

    1. English
    2. Physics
    3. Chemistry
    4. Mathematics
    5. Environmental Education (E.V.S)
    6. Physical Education (P.E)

    Elective Subjects :

    1. Hindi / Information Technology (I.T) 
    2. Biology / Geography
  • Ryewood International School

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    Ryewood International School

    opened in 2003-2004 to the inaugural batch of 20 budding stars.


    The School runs from STD I to STD X and is affiliated with the I.C.S.E Board - Delhi.


    As of the Academic year 2022-23 it holds a total strength of 757 Students.


  • The Campus

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    The school campus covers 3.5 acres of land, with 60,000 sq ft of a beautiful and colourful constructed area holding a spacious playground, spacious classrooms equipped with lots of play equipment, Audio-Video Rooms, Amphitheater, Science laboratories and many other such amenities of international standard.

  • Classrooms

    Stats of our Class


    2022-23 Total no. of students


    Total no. of Classroom


    Total Student Seating Capacity


    Teacher Student Ratio

  • About Us

    The service we  render to others is the rent we pay for our room on this earth

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    The beautiful memories that remained after Alysh left us for his heavenly abode are now imprinted evermore at Alysh Memorial Educational Trust (AMET).


    The AMET was formed in June 2001 and was duly registered. In 2003, a Pre-Primary school, Buds-N-Blooms was functional and in June 2005. Ryewood International School was operational. The school is the first ICSE institution in Lonavla, a hill station that is evolving from a tourist destination, to a site best suited for an international level of education.

  • Contact Us

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    Alysh Memorial Educational Trust

    AMET Complex, Ryewood, Lonavla - 410401

    Public Trust Regn. No. E-19663 (Mumbai)